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Thowra Downs Romany
Australian AI Sire
At Farnell Farms 100% of our South Devon herd has been DNA tested by Pfizer/Zoetis for important economic traits across ALL BREEDS. How did we do ? The averages of our herd bull prospects: Feed Efficiency-Top 10%; Tenderness- Top 4%; Palatability (a combination of marbling & tenderness)-top 23%. These herd sire prospects had an average birth weight of 83 pounds.

What are Farnell South Devon ? These low birth weight
(69# average on 2014 heifer calves), extremely docile cows weigh 1200 pounds at calf weaning, milk like a Jersey and wean 600
pound calves with their 4% + butterfat milk and no creep feed.

For the cow calf operator-low birth weights and 600# weaning weights with no creep feed.

For the Backgrounder and Feedlot operator-Top 10% feed conversions against all breeds. And yes, we have some in the top 1%!

For the consumer-Top 4 % in tenderness with the flavor and juiciness demanded by the modern consumer without excess fat with Palatability in the top 23% ACROSS ALL BREEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What more is needed?? The perfect beef cattle? Not yet; but we're sure working on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our 2014 herd bull prospects have been sired by the Australian champion bull, Thowra Downs Romany . We have a very limited number of these super fine prospects available and we offer free delivery within 250 miles. Please give Norris or Cathy a call at 903-726-3265 or email us at norriscathy1@gmail.com.

A Sample of Some of the Genetics Used at Farnell Cattle Company

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